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In 50 years, what do you want people to think of your work? Guest Post with David Farland

Saturday, November 5th, 2011


Every author wants to be immortal, to leave that imprint on the world, even after our time has passed. Today, New York Times bestselling fantasy author, David Farland, also known as the “Wizard of Storytelling,” shares his passion behind his writing, his latest release, Nightingale,  and even offers a chance to win $1000 in a short-story contest!


Being a YA fantasy author myself, I can’t wait to curl up on my couch with a copy of Nightingale and slip away into a world of adventure. Before I do (because being engrossed in a book, you might not see me for days), I want to thank Dave for joining us here today! I can’t tell you how excited I am that such an icon was kind enough to stop by my little blog. I thought long and hard about what type of guest post I wanted this amazing author to write and even consulted my husband, Slade, about it.


If you only had once chance, what would you ask a New York Times bestselling author?


Here goes nothing!


In fifty years, what do you want people to think of your work?

I’ve gotten many touching fan mails over the years.  When my first novel came out, a man in Canada had his mother dying of cancer in a hospital bed.  To relieve the pain, she would ask him to read a chapter to her here and there, hoping to live long enough to reach the end.  She passed away before the book ended, so he read the last chapters to her at her graveside.


Another reader last spring wrote to tell me that he suffered from a terrible illness and had been on a morphine pump for many years.  He said, “The only time that I was able to forget the pain was when I read your Runelords books.”


At a book signing three years ago, a young man had me sign a Star Wars book that I’d written.  He’d carried the same copy in his back pocket for six years, and stopped to read from it several times per day.  The cover was worn off, and it was held together with duct tape.  I asked him what moved him to do this, and he said, “My mother died when I was eight years old, and for a long time I was very sad.  Then one day I read this book, and for the first time in two years, I realized that I felt happy.  I’ve kept the book with me ever since.”


Entertaining people has merit—just easing their loneliness or pain, bringing them a little light and joy.  That’s valuable for an author to do.


But I want more than that, of course.  When a person reads a novel, sometimes over and over, the story becomes a part of them.  One fan wrote that he’d read one of my books in 1992—three times.  He said, “I was in love with a beautiful girl in college, and I realized the other day that I couldn’t even remember her name.  I couldn’t recall what classes I took that semester in most cases.  But your book became a part of me, burned into my memory.”


So when I write a book, I want readers to feel that they’ve been transported into it.  And when they return to the real world, I want them to feel as if they’ve grown from the experience:  that they understand the world, others, and life itself better.


You see, we write in part to transport, but we write in part to transform.  Despite all the harrowing things that happen in my novels, I want readers to come away feeling that they’re better people for having read them, that the book has a significant positive impact upon them.


If I can bring one profound truth to them, one insight, then I will feel that I’m doing my job.  Ideally, you want something even more.  I want people who read my works to look back and say, “You know, one of my all time favorites was . . .” and name my book.  I want them to give it as a treasured gift to their children or grandchildren.


I think that that my latest novel, Nightingale, has the potential to be that kind of book.


Nightingale tells the story of a young man named Bron Jones, who is abandoned at birth.  Raised in foster care, he’s shuffled from home to home.  At age 16, he’s kind of the ultimate loner.  I think that most of us feel that way at some time.  He’s ejected from one home and sent to a new foster mother, Olivia, a marvelous and gifted teacher.  She recognizes that Bron is something special, something that her people call a “Nightingale,” a creature that is not quite human.


Suddenly epic forces combine to claim Bron, and he must fight to keep from getting ripped away from the only home, family, and girlfriend that he has ever known.  He must risk his life to learn the answers to the mysteries of his birth: “What am I?  Where did I come from?  Who am I?”


I’m releasing the novel in several forms through my new publishing company—as an enhanced novel, as an e-book, an audiobook, and a hardcover.  We even have a fantastic soundtrack for it.  The novel is out now, and my business partner, Miles Romney, did one last cool thing.  The enhanced book was made for the iPad, though you will also be able to read it on just about any other pad or smartphone.  But Miles had his programmers create a web app so that you can enjoy the book on your computer—read a few chapters, take it for a test drive, or simply buy it to enjoy online.  You’re free to go check out the results at  If you like it, remember to “Like” us on Facebook.  Better yet, re-post our site info and tell your friends on Facebook.


Oh, and while you’re there, check out our short-story contest, where you can win $1000.


I hope that in fifty years, when I’m gone, Nightingale will still be read and remembered. That was my goal when I wrote it. Only you and people like you can decide if I’ve achieved that goal.



Bron Jones was abandoned at birth.


Because that’s what his people do.


His foster families found him to be “too gifted” and “strange.”


Because that’s how his people are…


Steel your nerves. You’re about to encounter his people.







About David Farland

David Farland is the international bestselling authors of nearly fifty books, including such award-winning novels as the science fiction  masterpiece On My Way to Paradise (Philip K. Dick Memorial Special Award Winner, Best Novel in English Language) and the historical novel In the Company of Angels (Whitney Award Winner: Best Novel of the Year). He is best known though for his fantasy work, which includes the New York Times bestselling series The Runelords, and his lovable and wacky middle-grade fantasy series Ravenspell.

With Nightingale, Dave makes his first foray into creating his own young adult series. (Dave has written young adult novels for both the Star Wars and Mummy franchises as Dave Wolverton, but this is the first young adult universe that he’s created for himself.)

In addition to writing novels, Dave has also worked in videogames on such international bestselling games as Starcraft: Brood Wars, and Xena: The Talisman of fate.

More recently, Dave has worked in the film industry as a movie producer and a screenwriter. His screenplay for the Runelords in now in development for a major motion picture.

Throughout his career, Dave has worked extensively helping new writers through his work as coordinating judge of the Writers of the Future, as a creative writing instructor at Brigham Young University, and by teaching writing seminars. Many of his students have gone on to become some of the most successful writers of our time, including such #1 international bestsellers as Brandon Sanderson, Brandon Mull, and Stephenie Meyer.

In 1999, Dave set the Guinness Record for the World’s Largest Book Signing.



The Most Amazing Amazon Review of Legacies of Talimura: War of the Witch

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

The lovely Cambria Herbert just posted the most amazing Amazon review of my YA fantasy, Legacies of Talimura: War of the Witch. It’s the kind of review every author dreams about reading. A review so passionate about the book, the characters, and the plot. It warms my heart and has motivated Slade and I to work even harder with getting the sequels out. (The Legacies of Talimura series is all mapped out, by the way!) I wanted to share it with you.





“Sixteen year old Astanyx and his two best friends return from a hunting trip to find their small village of Polca ravaged by brutal killers that left no one alive. With nothing left the boys set off to warn the King. They do not realize that they are going to be tested in ways they never thought possible and be thrust into a battle that only could be made up. Except it isn¡¦t made up. It¡¦s real.



Debonair, a powerful witch from the Unspoken Lands is on a secret quest and has put together an army of made up of the most violent and blood thirsty killers she could find. With her army she is terrorizing everyone in her path and creating chaos.



Astanyx and his friends (old and new) must find a way to unite the kingdoms and defeat the witch. To do this he must venture farther than he ever thought, seek answers to forbidden questions and find the only weapon powerful enough to save the kingdoms from Debonair¡¦s desire to unleash an ancient evil.


Buckle your seatbelts¡K


You are about to go for a ride¡K


This book picks you up and sweeps you along until the every last page is read leaving you completely satisfied and even a little winded. That¡¦s right, winded. Legacies of Talimura: War of the Witch is packed full of twists and turns and frankly it¡¦s the best book I have read in a long time.


So what¡¦s it about?


To me, it¡¦s about worlds from long ago when things weren¡¦t as simple as they are now but they were so much more magical. It¡¦s where legend meets history and all creatures come together to create a fantastic world. The descriptions of these places, these lands and villages are so crystal clear in my head it¡¦s as if they really did once exist and they are merely waiting to be discovered again.


I am an avid reader and this is the first tale that I have come across like this. I almost don¡¦t want to make the comparison (even though it isn¡¦t really a comparison) but I can¡¦t help but say what¡¦s on my mind (Hey, you asked). I will admit ¡Vand NO I am not kidding, and yes, you may pretend to not know me if you like ¡V I have never read the Harry Potter series, nor have I watched any of the movies¡Kbut I do have an idea in my head of what it would be like and this book is what I imagine. Not necessarily the story line (there is no sorcerer named Harry with some friends) but the world and the creatures that live in it. There are elves and dwarfs, gnomes and talking wolves¡Kthere are even some dragons.


Astanyx is a great character, my favorite of the story. I love how he is the main character but the story isn¡¦t really about him. It¡¦s about his quest and his journey. He¡¦s a warrior with no training¡K(okay a little training, but mostly by experience) and his sense of self and right and wrong is unshakable. In the beginning of the story he is a boy, unsure of himself and a little awkward. But he doesn¡¦t stay that way for long. He rises up in the most difficult and impossible situations and emerges from the story as a hero and a leader.


As I said, to me the main character of the story was Astanyx but he was far from the only character to capture my attention. Barrett- a strong, capable warrior who I think kind of earned the mentor role to Astanyx was also a favorite. Then there was Luccia, the princess. But she wasn¡¦t like any other princesses in the stories I have read. She has a strong, level head on her shoulder and is capable with a sword. She was always realistic about the situations they faced but still managed to hold on to the hope in her heart. She was a warm ray of sunshine in the middle of a storm.
The villain of the story is vile and power seeking, arrogant and rude. She is also very powerful which makes any victory over her a triumph.


The plot in this book is executed so well and without any hiccups. There is so much depth to the story and so many things happening but I was never once lost or bored. The story moved along continuously and kept me interested and guessing. The characters came up against many challenges and traveled to many places. I would even daresay that sometimes I was reminded of Indiana Jones. º P.S. I really LIKED Indiana Jones.


Which brings me to another point, this book would make an awesome movie. I could see it play out in my head so clearly as I read and the action and battle scenes would be fabulous to watch with some popcorn. And the dragons¡Kthey were awesome.


There was even some romance in the book, but it was something in the background, a nice compliment to the evolving story. It was just enough to make me smile. The ending was fantastic, if a little shocking. I do hope that there will be a sequel because I would love to have more of these characters and this world.


The writing was clear, the description was good and the plot was easy to follow even though it had a lot to offer. In all, this book was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone who loves to read and go on adventures. I would even go as far to say that this is probably the best Indie book I have ever read. I frankly, don¡¦t know why you are still reading this review, you should go buy the book and start reading.


So there you have it. My Opinion.” Cambria Herbert

World of Warcraft: Boneshaker’s Return

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Warcraft: An addiction. A playground. An escape.


To some, it’s more about the community than it is the game. It’s an escape into another world. It’s the ability to experiment with different races, interact with other players, and work together to kill challenging bosses.


The addiction began with the books. Masterpieces so brilliant, I could not help but try the game. The addiction spread like a virus. Minutes turned to hours. The first few levels came quickly, too quickly, and I found myself wanting more. Before I knew it, six hours had passed and the day had turned to night. Grudgingly, I turned myself in, excited for my next day off where I could escape into the world again. But I’m no warrior. I’m barely a blip on the WOW scene. Not yet anyway.


Lately, forums have been asking, “Where is Bone when you need him?”


If you haven’t heard the name, Boneshaker is the name of one of the top DPS Enhancement Shamans in Blade’s Edge. Several months ago, he disappeared off the face of WOW. No one knew what happened to him or where he had gone.


For several months, he remained a ghost. Not a whisper, a message, or the dreaded /gquit. Only silence. His account remained active, yet dormant.


Boneshaker is loyal, supportive, zany. A shaman draenei who can kick some serious ass in a raid. He will stay up late into the night and early morning to help finish off a boss. He is no guild leader, only a warrior at heart who speaks his mind, one who will not stand quietly while he or others are trampled. He loves the game, but he does not live for the game. (You know the kind I speak of. The kind who dominate the guild, demote officers while promoting their own. Or the kind in need of blood pressure medication–or something–while leading a raid screaming, “More DoTs!”)


He is a man who believes himself to have been born in the wrong century. A thousand years ago, he sees himself not as a conqueror, but a strategist. He is a gamer, a husband, a die-hard Leafs fan, and a brilliant storyboarder.


I’m going to let you in on a little secret…


Bone a.k.a. Slade Sewell has been here with me, breathing life into an idea he originally thought out for an RPG. Like Warcraft, Legacies of Talimura: War of the Witch ignites your inner childhood, reaching the young adult audience and beyond. Talimura is a world of magic and adventure, war and tragedy. Fall in love with the cast from Astanyx, Barret, Ramza, and Princess Luccia to the dragons, hellfangs, and the evil Debonair.  Leave the real world behind and enter the world of Talimura where you can take risks, feed your soul, and become anyone you want.


Click on the link Legacies of Talimura: War of the Witch and enter the world of Talimura.


Now that the book has been unleashed to the public, Boneshaker, once again, returns to Warcraft.


If you haven’t met Boneshaker yet, beware. He’s back.


Winners of the July 2011 Blog Hop Giveaway

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

July marked the launch the of my thriller, Bloodletter and my YA fantasy, Legacies of Talimura: War of the Witch. To launch my books, I teamed up with seven authors for an international blog hop.


What an amazing (and incredibly busy) month it was! Full of interviews, reviews, excerpts, and giveaways!


I want to thank all of the authors and readers who participated in this event!



Sound the trumpets and pull out the red carpet, it’s time to announce the winners!



The Emperor’s Edge

Evolution of Insanity


Sharon S.


Dark Warrior



Doorway of the Triquetra

The Forest of Adventures


Lani Wendt Young

The Emperor’s Edge

Forest of adventures


Elizabeth Lanoix

The Childe
The Emperor’s Edge



The Childe
Doorway of the Triquetra



War of the Witch



Celise Winters

The Forest of Adventures
Doorway of the Triquetra



Legacies of Talimura: War of the Witch
The Forest of Adventures




Shana @A Book Vacation

The Forest of Adventures



Legacies of Talimura: War of the Witch

Doorway of the Triquetra



The Forest of Adventures



Cherry Mischievous

Legacies of Talimura: War of the Witch
The Childe


Erin Danzer

Forest of Adventures

Legacies of Talimura: War of the Witch



Shadow Cat
Evolution of Insanity


Tatiana L.

Legacies of Talimura: War of the Witch



Jennifer Wells

War of the Witch
Evolution of Insanity


Regina Linton


Shadow Cat

Julie S.

The Childe
The Forest of Adventures


Legacies of Talimura : War of the Witch


Jayne Fordham


The Forest of Adventures



Bloodletter by Angel Haze
3:16 by Jeffrey Martin



The Childe

Evolution of Insanity


Nicholas Olivo


Dark Currents


Congratulations! I will be contacting you shortly with the info on how to claim your prize. Have fun! If you enjoyed your read, kindly review the book on Amazon. It would mean the world to all the hard-working authors!




If you missed your chance to participate in this amazing event, I have good news! I will be hosting another in a few months, just in time for Halloween!


If your book scares, if it bites, if it’s one you have to read with the lights on, I want to hear about it! To learn more, visit:


Check out the New Site!

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Drumroll . . .

I am introducing a new site. This new site will not replace, I am merely expanding.


I want to devote as the site where I promote other authors, share my passions and inspiration . . . and my twisted mind. ;) A girl’s got to have fun you know. LOL. will still be my official site but I want to devote it to special posts and, because I value your time, I will only be posting once or twice a month.(As soon as the blog hop is over and the winners are announced. By the way, there’s still time to win! But hurry, the giveaway ends July 31st! is now live. Check it out!


Teaser with Haresh Daswani

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Time for another teaser! This one is from Haresh Daswani’s short story collection, EVOLUTION OF INSANITY.






An author having a conversation with his fictional character, or losing control of his character, mind numbing points leading one twists and turns spinning the mind of the reader with hallucinogenic colors, concepts, and eurekas.

The short stories begin simplified, and walks together with the author as he takes a personal journey deep within the universe of his own consciousness, dwelling, prodding, dissecting, and creating…

This book is a play on different writing styles uniquely conjured by the writer from random inspiration and experimentation with poetry as prior experience. This is a chronological anthology spanning the imagination and sanity of the writer.

This book is a collection of humour, satire, and philosophy, with the most unique writing style and twists. This books evolves as one reads, from basic and simple stories of humor, to deeper and more profound satire best savored twice.

Excerpt from Evolution of Insanity:

White Lines


One not so uncommon opening scene tends to be the hypnotic evening road, and the white… black… white… black…white… lines on the road, uniform and predictable. These lines fall trippy if you are tired from a long day, journeying back home, ready and waiting to surrender to the fate of dreaming, reaching that other state also known as the alpha state, where the road twists and turns and cars turn to fluffy clouds driven by pleasant in-laws (past, present, or future). One tries to sober up again and see that they are not fluffy, and are vaguely seen as pleasant or otherwise, they are just tolerated co-travelers  staring on the road, wondering perhaps the same question, “isn’t this just the largest  cocaine trail for the Gods?”



Pay attention on the road and keep your eyes open for the car in front. Make sure that it is his back you are facing, and not his headlamps, to ensure you are still on the right lane, and as he. It comes to that point in time that it does not matter who is right, but whoever is wrong gets you both in trouble, so your job is to ensure both of you are not wrong for your sake. This isn’t the same driver’s ed test you had just a few years back, paranoid, paranoid, and remindful of your phobias of deja vous, and remindful of your phobias of deja vous. Stare away from the distraction of poster models on oversized billboards of women who are only perfect thanks to Photoshop, for even they cannot be that flawless, no one is that ugly as flaws make you beautiful, your stories.  Like your scar on the left knee from falling off the bike and onto your neighbor’s bush. Flowers that is, of a myriad of friendly colors that you might have remembered. Such were your pleasant days as it deemed demanding for your neighbor to make it all cheerful again. You were pitied for your wound, and your stupidity forgotten, such were the advantages of childhood.


Nostalgia is but a drug of pleasantries, friendlier times, flowery trees.


Reality sets in, black… white… black… white… black… white… Left hand on the wheel, right hand on the stereo, change your tune to cruisin’ jazz nights with Incognito singin’ “Still a friend of mine” and the date you once had beside you might just reappear, or not. Together with your last date was your wallet, which you have consented to giving its  contents just for that conversation you would never want to have now, the small talks, gossips, and getting to know quizzes.


It is your nocturnal state of mind, pleasantries, and expectation that the lovely face across continues shy and bubbly, pleasant like smooth Jazz and a well mixed glass of martini, or for others, a twist sour gin and tonic.




It has been a day too long, as the sun witnessed true. This evening too, has proven long,  and long long long way back you stare at all your evening drives, staring at God’s cocaine line, and the many beautiful women who have sat beside you, chatty, bubbly, quiet, angry, scared, confused, constipated, or otherwise.


To the lonely rides home from a night longer still, and the lines of flaming shots taken in blue, green, orange, brown. Memorable evenings of which you have no recollection, after 3 sambucas too drunk.


You already have the most beautiful woman commit to staying with you forever, sleeping on the passenger seat, tired from the same long night you just went through. Her presence, enough to put a smile on the face, as you travel along.


White… black… white… black… white…


Barnes & Nobles<>
Smashwords <>


If you missed my interview with Haresh at the beginning of the month, visit:


International Blog Hop & Giveaway


Haresh Daswani is one of seven authors I have teamed up with to launch my thriller, Bloodletter, and YA fantasy, Legacies of Talimura: War of the Witch.


This International Blog Hop starts July 1st and runs for 30 days. (There’s only a few days left!) There are well over 50 books to giveaway (mostly ebooks but some paperbacks as well) so there are lots of chances to win!


To enter, visit:

Shadow Cat Teaser with Reena Jacobs

Monday, July 25th, 2011

There was a little blip in my end of the hop. Yesterday, Jeffrey Martin was scheduled for an interview. Unfortunately, that interview had to be rescheduled. A tornado touched down in my neighboring town on Saturday and the surrounding area was without power for a couple days. The power is finally back on so on with the blog hop!



Reena Jacobs kicks off the last week of the blog hop with an excerpt from her paranormal romance, SHADOW CAT.






Eric Randall’s plan is simple-fix the mess his researchers have created in Malaysia, experience the pleasures the country has to offer, and return to the comforts of America. All it takes is one beautiful aborigine, and Eric finds himself stranded in a world of Malaysian myths and legends.   A novice shaman amongst her people, Berani is free and independent. Yet all is not well in her homeland. Demons prey on her people, pushing them to extinction. When a strange speaking man invades her forest, she has one more worry to add to her already troubled life. Attraction or no, she will fight Eric tooth and claw to maintain her freedom. But will she destroy herself in the process?   If Berani wishes to save her family… if Eric wishes to reclaim his old life, they must stand together against the threats of encroaching wehr-tigers and bloodsucking demons… or perish.



Eric sat on his heels and reflected on the gruesome finality of living in the jungles. Interesting to visit but not a place he’d choose to live. Already he tired of the forest scene. He’d leave the role of nature lover to the researchers. As for him, one typical day in the office provided more than enough excitement. A movement caught his eyes as he stood. He stared at the flowers of a yellow tree, hoping to catch the motion again. He’d learned the rainforest was full of wonders if he kept his eyes opened and remained patient. There! Hidden in the tree, a black and orange corded object waved, the colors camouflaged by the profuse foliage. He squinted and followed the thick line to its source, but lost track of it behind a concentrated stretch of leaves. He did a double take. Where did she come from? The faint light flickering through the tree cast a glow on the exquisite bronze skin of a woman lounging on a limb, while the dense leaves concealed her legs completely. She licked her full lips, a pinkish brown, which were made for kissing. Malaysian characteristics dominated her face-high cheekbones with a slight blush. Thick, untamed brows arched high.




Straight tresses lifted in the breeze-strawberry blond with streaks of dark brown and copper, as well as a shade so light it appeared white. Her features combined with her distinctive hair hinted at her obvious mixed ancestry. The contrast was spectacular against her honey-colored skin. A light brown, halter-like bra covered her full breasts, allowing just a hint of the fleshy mounds to peak over the top. The yellow flowers provided the perfect disguise for her. She rose from her recline and stood on the branch, balancing on bare and dainty feet with cute, kissable toes. He traced the shape of her legs, toned and lithe, which seemed to travel forever before disappearing behind an obtrusive bit of vegetation. She dropped from the tree. “No.” He reached out as his stomach plummeted with her fall.


Reena Jacobs is just your typical writer who loves to see her words in print. As an avid reader, she’s known to hoard books and begs her husband regularly for “just one more purchase.” Her home life is filled with days chasing her preschooler and nights harassing her husband. Between it all, she squeezes in time for writing and growling at the dog.


You can find Reena on Ramblings of an Amateur Writer, Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Nobles, and Smashwords.


Reena Jacobs – Author of Lots of Words


They formed a bond so strong, death couldn’t keep them apart.


Shadow Cat available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Smashwords.




International Blog Hop & Giveaway

Reena Jacobs is one of seven authors I have teamed up with for an international blog hop to launch my thriller, Bloodletter, and YA fantasy, Legacies of Talimura: War of the Witch.


This International Blog Hop started July 1st and runs for 30 days. There are well over 50 books to giveaway (mostly ebooks but some paperbacks as well) so there are lots of chances to win!


To enter, visit:

For the blog tour schedule, visit:


Interview with C.A. Kunz

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Today we have the pleasure of speaking with the mother and son author duo C.A. Kunz and their YA fantasy, The Childe.



Cat Colvin is pretty much your typical run-of-the-mill teenager growing up in the small port town of Astoria. Sure, she is taller than average, has a mane of fiery red hair that is impossible to tame, is left-handed, and has one eye that is sky blue and one that is amber, but that is where the differences end . . . unless you include the minor detail of her slow metamorphosis into the Childe.

We all know how difficult high school can be, and for Cat Colvin it is no different. Except for the fact she has the daunting task of trying to hide her budding Childe traits as they   begin to reveal themselves at the most inopportune times.

This first book in this coming of age fantasy series follows Cat’s life through the twists and turns toward finding out what and who she really is. Come and take the plunge with Cat into a world filled with biting humor, darkness, and yes, a few life lessons as well.



1. Tell us about The Childe.

Carol and Adam: The Childe is a coming of age story with a supernatural twist. Our main character, Cat Colvin, seems like your typical teenager, except for the fact she’s left-handed, redheaded, has two different colored eyes, and doesn’t tan, but hey, everyone has their differences, right? Unfortunately for her, her differences do not end there. Unbeknownst to her, she is also metamorphosing into a Childe. With her freshman year at Astoria High School beginning, Cat not only has to deal with a caustic and very mean math teacher, a Goth clique that has it out for her, and catty girls, but she also has the difficult task of hiding her Childe traits that keep revealing themselves at the most inopportune times.


2. Tell us what it’s like to write as a mother and son duo.

Carol: It has definitely brought us closer together. Living 45 minutes apart, and with Adam working full time, I don’t think I would have seen him as often as I have over the last two years. All in all it has been a wonderful experience, and all the long hours, and hard work has definitely paid off. A side note, Adam didn’t tell me until we were halfway through our first book that he planned on 5 books in this series. I must say I took it very well.


Adam: I really enjoy writing with my mom. It truly has been a wonderful experience, and even though we have had some disagreements throughout the creative process, we were able to resolve them quickly due to our great rapport with one another. It has been quite awesome to live out a dream with my mom by my side. I wouldn’t want to trade this for the world.


3. Why did you choose this title and genre?

Carol: I have always loved the paranormal and supernatural, and when Adam came to me with this idea for a book, I was sold on it immediately. I was so excited that my dream of finally writing a novel was about to come true. Adam had the title and a crude outline of a story when he presented it to me, but I’ll let him answer the rest.


Adam: Well, first of all, I would like to point out that I share the same love for the paranormal and supernatural that my mom does. I can’t imagine writing about anything else at the present time that didn’t have some element of the paranormal in it. I grew up reading Goosebumps, Fear Street and watching shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, so I always surrounded myself with this kind of material.

The title, The Childe, came about after scouring the internet for a word that meant something we can’t reveal here, because that would give away the whole basis of our first novel. What I can say though, is that a Childe is a being we’ve kind of created by taking that word’s definition and twisting it to fit into the context of our story. Also, we find that the way Childe is spelled, makes it eye catching and has people looking twice because of the e at the end of it (which not a lot of people are used to seeing it spelled that way).

4. Who are your writing influences?

Carol: Old horror movies, like Dracula, Halloween and even Alfred Hitchcock.


Adam: I would have to say R.L. Stine has had a huge influence on my writing ever since I was a little kid. I was always fascinated by his stories, both for young kids, and for young adults. Some other authors would be J.K. Rowling and Stephen King. Actually J.K. Rowling pretty much single-handedly rekindled my love of reading and writing because of her wonderful story about a boy wizard. I also think that my love of all things horror (movies, television, and books) reflects in my writing as well.


5. What similarities do you find between yourself and the protagonist?

Carol: It’s funny, I always describe myself as not normal because I’m redheaded, left-handed, and I don’t tan. Of course it’s been a while since I was 15 years old, but Adam wrote the chapter where Cat is described and that’s how he wanted to describe her.


Adam: Like Cat, I try to be the best friend I can be, and treat everyone like I want to be treated. She is also a very strong character, and I perceive myself as strong since, like Cat, I don’t really let people walk all over me. I would also say that I am sarcastic, and can be a touch snarky, just like Cat is in our novel.


6. What about you do you see in the antagonist?

Carol: I think of myself sometimes as being too nice, so being able to develop evil characters is exciting. I would never dream of hurting anyone but through my characters I can make them bad, and then hopefully I will make them pay for it in the end.


Adam: I would agree with my mom and say that writing for evil characters is a lot of fun, especially if you, yourself, are not that way in real life. It’s almost like you want to make them so evil that people hate them and can’t wait to see them get theirs. We all have a little dark inside of us, but unlike our antagonist, I would never act on it.


7. Where do you get your ideas?

Carol and Adam: This series is pretty much a combination of all of our loves. Horror, comedy, magic, paranormal beings, slight teen angst/romance, all of that. We get most of our ideas though from everyday life, things that we know. Almost all of our characters are modeled after our best friends or family members. One in particular though, Maude Roberts, was fashioned somewhat after the character Gladys Kravitz from Bewitched.


8. How do you market your books?

Carol and Adam: Book signings are our favorite way. We love to interact with others, and they’re always a great time. As far as the internet goes, we use Facebook, our blog, Goodreads, and Twitter. Twitter is actually something we hadn’t really looked in to until we had a conversation with a wonderful author, Tiffany King, at a local book signing. She told us it had been an awesome tool for her, and one of the best parts was the interacting with interesting and supportive people. We’ve found this to be so true. Nearly everyone we have come in contact with has been so helpful by giving us tips, and helping promote our book. This is actually our first blog hop, and we can’t thank you enough for inviting us to join you.


9. What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Carol: I am an avid reader, and no, I don’t only read paranormal. Some of my favorite authors are James Patterson, J.D. Robb, and Janet Evanovich, just to name a few. I’m also addicted to Twitter, so I spend several hours a day tweeting to our new friends.


Adam: When I am not writing, I am most likely working at my job as a décor consultant for a major theme park in the Orlando area. I also enjoy hanging out with friends, going to the movies, playing videogames, reading (of course), and being crafty by creating things.


10. If you could have a paranormal power or be a certain creature, what would it be? (Sorry, love this question so had to steal it. ;)

Carol: There are so many choices, but if I had to choose one, it would probably be a Childe. And of course, to find out what that is, you will have to read the book…sorry.


Adam: Even though there are no dragons in our story, I would have to say that I would love to be a dragon shifter. I think it would be super cool to be a human that can transform into a dragon at will. It’s odd though because I have a fear of heights, but I want to be a creature that can fly…figure that one out, haha.


11. What gives you joy?

Carol: Making people smile. And to help with that, I give out happy face pennies to strangers that make me smile. You never know what that little item can do for someone. Of course the most joy I get is from my family, friends, and my four-legged doggies, there are three of them!


Adam: Many things give me joy. My family, friends, work, writing, reading, chatting with people, and soooo much more.


12. Are there any other projects you’re both currently working on?


Carol & Adam: We are currently wrapping up the 2nd book. It is actually in the hands of our second editor as we type this! We’re also working on a side project with the wonderfully talented musician, Lee Wilson. He is helping us put together a companion soundtrack for our series. Volume one of the soundtrack spans the first two books in The Childe series, and will contain 11 (or more) full length songs. The songs have full lyrics and were inspired by the words of the novels. They span several genres from pop, rock, r&b, punk, classical and country. The first two singles “Amber” and “I Am What I Am” are actually available now on iTunes and the Amazon MP3 store. You can listen to both of them on our blog as well. The entire soundtrack will be available soon.



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