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Releasing the Fear that Accompanies the Nightmare

Haunting dreams are not easily forgotten especially when they reveal our darkest fears. Nor should they. Nightmares are messengers, the subconscious’ way of getting your attention. Today, Nely Cab shares one of her nightmares and the paranormal romance that has readers on edge as seventeen-year-old Isis Martin dares to confront her fears. As an added bonus, she also has a fantastic giveaway lined up!


Here is the book readers are swooning over . . . Creatura . . .


When seventeen year-old Isis Martin is having trouble sleeping due to perturbing dreams of a horrific growling beast, she decides to confront her fear. But what Isis discovers is something other than a menacing entity.


The human-like creature offers Isis assurance that he is not a figment of her imagination. Unwilling to accept his avowal, Isis sets his words to contest by asking the entity to prove himself – a dare, he readily welcomes.


It is in her dreams that Isis innocently stumbles upon the silent existence of the divine lineage of those that man has long forgotten.


In a quaint town, deep in south Texas, this story leads Isis onto the path of impermissible love and captivating life-changing truths. Isis Martin’s journey is sure to leave any reader ravenous for more.


And the author behind it all. I give you . . . Nely Cab . . .


Thanks for allowing me be a guest on your blog, Angel, and thanks to the readers that have taken the time to visit Angel Haze’s blog.

Today’s post will be a bit …unusual. My post deals with dreams. Fairy tales and life goals are made of these. But what about the dreams that come in your sleep? Not all of them are pleasant. I’m sure most of you have some recurring nightmare.


In “Creatura,” the main character, Isis, suffers from nightmares, which is how her story begins. I haven’t had a recurring nightmare in some time, but I can easily recall having a nightmare or two in the past few weeks that I’d like to recount because it is one of the oddest dreams I’ve ever had:


I lie in bed on my stomach, my head tucked under the pillows, and wake up. Am I really awake? No. I’m still asleep, but I’m conscious of the position I’m lying in on my bed. I try to move, but I can’t.


Some unknown force is pinning me to the mattress, my arms immobile at my sides. I feel someone place their hands on each side of my rib cage. Those hands run a few inches up my sides. Oh, the pain! The pain their touch produces on my skin is agonizing, and yet, I know that their hands are not applying enough pressure to cause such tremendous suffering. Who is the person touching me?


Why can’t I move?


“Bow to me,” A male voice says.


I’m surprised to hear these words, if any words at all. Why am I paralyzed? I want to turn around and see this person, but I can’t. I’m his prisoner. All I can do is defend myself with words.


“No,” I say. “I only bow to my God.”


He scoffs, “You know nothing!” He moves his hands down my sides, inflicting that torture again. Oh, the pain! The bone crushing pain!


“Stop!” My eyes are shut tight, enduring his touch.


“Bow to me, now,” he asks of me once again.


Conscious of my thoughts in my unconscious state, I repeat my answer with haste, “I only bow to my God.”


Just as quick as I answer, he is quick to ask, “And what God is that?”


To him, I reply, “The only God I know.”


With a maniacal laugh, and then annoyed he dares reprimand me, “You know nothing!”


I suck in a breath of air as I feel his finger run down the crevice of my spine. Oh, the pain, the burning pain!


“I know enough to know that you are nothing.” My anger has risen and I am not afraid. I am angry that I am I being touched by someone that I cannot see…tortured by something that is not real.


There’s a short pause followed by a statement that sounds more like a threat. “You should be more careful with your words.”


As I feel his finger coursing along the length of my arm, I say the magic words that break me of his spell, “God, help me.”


I am once again free. I can move. Am I awake? Yes. At what point did I open my eyes? I don’t remember. Wait. Yes, I do… They’ve been open all along.


Sweet Dreams!
– Nely Cab


Nely Cab lives in south Texas with her husband and son. Aside from writing, she enjoys drawing and painting. The tree illustration depicted on the cover of her up and coming book, Creatura, is a sample of her artwork.


Currently, Nely is working on the second chapter of the Creatura series.



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What’s your darkest fear or reoccurring nightmare? Do you have the courage to decipher the message of your dreams and face your fears?


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