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Release Date of Bloodletter and War of the Witch Officially Pushed Back to June

The power surge, along with half a dozen mp3 viruses, caused a chain reaction of delays.

The edits for Bloodletter, which would have taken an hour or so, were delayed for a couple weeks, pushing back my hubby’s proofreading which then pushed back my last edit before the editor and so on.

War of the Witch only needed the additions from the proofreading session and then it would be sent to an editor. It would have already been back by now.

Now, I have two books in the same stages of revision. I had organized it so the progress was continually moving and neither book would be at a standstill. Oh well. It cannot be helped. Any extra time I have while waiting to hear back from the editor will be used for research, building my author platform and planning contests and giveaways.

I am happy to report I now have a new computer and all my writing files were restored. (The last couple weeks, my computer was a huge paperweight and I had no way of accessing any of writing files or knowing if the hard drive (that has a lifetime of work on it) was fried. (exhaling) It wasn’t. Now, I can put more effort into my website with more consistent posts. The last couple weeks, it was hard to schedule time on the computer while sharing the only working one with my husband who works online.


What’s happening now?

Phatpuppyart is doing the finishing touches on the cover art for War of the Witch and Funky Chicken design is still working on my logo.

War of the Witch will be sent to the editor by the end of the week while my husband proofreads Bloodletter. Unfortunately, I am now looking at a June release, but maybe it’ll work out better this way.

I’m learning as I go so feel free to use the comment section to suggest ideas for contests, giveaways, teasers, promotion, building an author platform, etc.

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