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Power Surge Setback

Both of my computers simultaneously crashed. It was probably a power surge but that still leaves me without the computer my writing is on and without internet. (I’m at a friend’s house using their computer.)

This sort of thing always seems to happen when I’m out. I came home from New Years this year to find my basement had flooded with about $25000 in damage. Although, my computers crashing in no way matches the flood, it still sucks that I come home from a belated birthday dinner and movie to find both computers shut down and a page full or errors. (Fast Five was awesome by the way. Just make sure you stay past the credits, there’s a surprise scene afterward!)

This is beyond bad timing since I’m at a crucial point in my writing. I may be able to reconnect the internet cable to the second computer (which will only turn on with the boot disk). It might be a few days before the other computer is up and running and before I can access my files.

I’m still hoping for a May release for my books. It might be early June, I’m not sure. I have some ideas for the launch I’m playing with . . . It’s going to be fun but may take some extra time. We’ll see. . . .


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2 Responses to “Power Surge Setback”

  1. Sorry to hear about that, Angel. I hope that you’re back up and running soon.

  2. admin says:

    The internet is routed to the second computer now which only turns on with a boot disk. Problem is, all my writing is on the first computer which still won’t turn on. I’m a little scared but I have faith that everything will be able to be copied from the hard drive. Until then, I cannot access any of my writing files. And, I only have drafts saved to my memory stick :(

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